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We offer competitive packages for our clients to feel at home in our facility. For any questions regarding booking, pricing, services, production, and consultation, please contact us:


$40 per hour (Engineer incl.)

All Sessions are booked at a 3/hour minumum. Engineer will give you a ProTools 9 session with a live rough mix post session. Larger sessions may cost an additional hourly rate depending upon instrumentation. Down Payment is required.


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Mixing of All Multi-tracks includes level balancing, panning, effects, dynamics, and tuning upon request with revisions. Prices may also be determined by turn around time. 


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Upon Submitting 2-Track Stems, Engineer will ensure Sonic balance, Dynamic range, and Cohesiveness of desired materials to fit the Genre of Recording. Reference Tracks are accepted.


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Prior Review of Project may occur to ensure the right producer is paired with your project. Due to the many different variables of production, an intial production meeting may be required. Instrumentals and Beats are availablel upon request for leasing and Buyouts.

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