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House Of Glory Philadelphia

House Of Glory Houston

We Are One Church, Two Locations!

We invite you every Sunday to join our family as we pursue the Presence Of God. The Mission was never to build a church, but through prayer and counsel, we have been commissioned to build a People, that understand the power of relentless pursuit after His Presence! We believe in atmospheres designed to stretch, push, and bring greater clarity of destiny for the sole purpose of advancement, manifestation, and greater fulfillment of the Kingdom Of God. 


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House Of Glory International Network

H.O.G. International was established for those around the world that feel the need for greater impartation, accountability, and specified training that is either lacking or non-existent in their local context. This Discipleship & Mentorship Community is here to assist in the growth, cultivation, and protection of emerging builders and leaders to ensure full manifestation of their destinies. Apostle Nathaniel Coe III and H.O.G. International staff are committed to the long term process of the greater manifestation of purpose contained in every believer in the House. This is a safe place for you to grow. 

Since the conception of House Of Glory International in 2019, we have

ordained, affirmed, and launched 5-fold ministry gifts into the work of ministry, established churches and networks across the country,

birthed marketplace ministries,

sent and supported evangelists and missionaries

in their work both locally and abroad,

helped 1st time authors write and finish their books and literature,

assisted many who were in need of a strong local body in their regions,

shared and made accessible legal, financial, academic and spiritual resources among the community, and many more amazing things to advance the Kingdom.

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House Of Glory International

Mentorship | Discipleship | Community

Apostle Nathaniel Coe III  - Founder

House Of Glory Philadelphia

Apostles Nathaniel Coe III & Myeesha L. Coe - Senior Leaders

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