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To The Gifted

Have you known that you are extraordinarily “GIFTED”, but INACTIVE in that gifting? Do you feel that you are not operating in your full capacity, like there is an untapped dimension within yourself waiting to be unleashed? If you have answered “Yes,” A Night of Release will be PERFECT for you!  All over our nation, many are finding themselves in an identity crisis, struggling to find out there kingdom purpose, vocation, and position in the Body Of Christ.


This worship experience will not only be a time of demonstration concerning the gifts, but a time of TRAINING, ACTIVATION and TEACHING concerning the Five-Fold ministry gifts.  A Night of Release will also be a time of impartation concerning Apostolic and Prophetic strategy to help you move forward in ministry and life. These kinds of worship experiences are paramount to EVERY believer because of the impossibility to please God while living inactive!

The activity of your Gift, is God's return on His investment!

Come join us so that your gifts can be awakened!!!

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Apostle Nathaniel Coe III - Host

Pastor Marcus Rivers - Host

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